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Nu-Wave® Corrugated

Nu-Wave® Corrugated

Nu-Wave®Corrugated is a through-fastened metal panel with 7/8" deep corrugations. The panel measures 36" out-to-out, with a 32" net coverage for roof applications and a 34 2/3" net coverage for wall applications.

Product Specifications 

Nu-Wave® Corrugated
  • Offered factory curved to save time and money on the job site

Features / Benefits 

  • Deep corrugations provides bold aesthetic shadow effects.
  • Custom manufactured sheet lengths from 5’-0” to 45’-0.”
  • Available in 26ga, 24ga and 22ga in standard finishes – refer to AEP Span Color Charts for full range of color options, specialty finishes, and paint systems.
  • 20ga available in ZINCALUME® Plus.
  • Roof and wall applications meet 2009 IBC requirements in accordance with Chapters 14 & 15, without requiring a product approval report.
  • Tested performance beyond IBC requirements: Air – ASTM E1680 and Water -ASTM E1646
  • Panel assemblies are Class A Fire Rated when installed on non-combustible deck or framing per IBC or IRC.   Panel assemblies are also Class A Fire Rated per UL790 when installed in accordance to UL listings.  Refer to UL Listings & Specifications for information.
  • Recommended minimum 3:12 roof slope.
  • Manufactured in Fontana, CA. and Tacoma, WA.
  • Oil Canning: All flat metal surfaces can display waviness commonly referred to
    as “oil canning”. “Oil canning” is an inherent characteristic of steel products, not a
    defect, and therefore is not a cause for panel rejection.

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