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Flex Series

Perception Collection®

Perception Collection® is a set of concealed fastened metal wall panels, each with unique geometric angles and rib patterns which can be combined to create a distinct design.  Whether used in a vertical or horizontal wall application, the shadow effect evolves, building texture and changing the perception of the design as the day progresses. Ideal for fascia and equipment screen applications as well.

Product Specifications 

Flex Series Flex Series

Features / Benefits 

  • Patented and tested.
  • Wall application meets 2012 IBC requirements in accordance with Chapter 14.
  • ASTM E1592 (wind uplift), ASTM E283 (air infiltration), ASTM E331 (water infiltration) tested.
  • Available in two panel attachment configurations - a directly attached fastening flange or clip interlocking hem.
  • Two clip options enable panels to be installed flush to substrate or with a ½" standoff.
  • Panels can be used in a rainscreen system.
  • Available in 24ga and 22ga in standard colors.
  • Available in 24ga, 22ga, and 20ga in ZINCALUME® Plus.
  • Panels available in a wide variety of Dura Tech™ 5000, Dura Tech™ mx colors, and specialty prints and textures.
  • Custom colors, thick film primer and/or clear coat paint finishes available. Subject to 3,000 square feet minimum order.
  • Custom manufactured sheet lengths from 5'-0" to 20'-0" maximum.
  • Manufactured in Fontana, CA. and Anchorage, AK.
  • Oil Canning: All flat metal surfaces can display waviness commonly referred to
    as “oil canning”. “Oil canning” is an inherent characteristic of steel products, not a
    defect, and therefore is not a cause for panel rejection.
    Oil Canning Technical Bulletin (pdf)

Colors and Warranties 

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