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A Summary of the 2012/2013 Residential Energy Credit

Recently, Congress extended the Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives for metal roofs placed in service between January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2013.

AEP Span would like to use our knowledge of the metal roofing industry to communicate the revisions of this money-saving opportunity to our valued customers. With this available credit, the cost of installing a qualifying energy efficient metal roof is now within reach of millions of homeowners.


Details for Homeowner Tax Credits

  • All Energy Star qualified residential metal roofing placed on existing homes is eligible for a 10% tax credit, up to $500 of the material cost. (Installation or labor costs are not included.)
  • Qualifying energy-efficient steel roofing must be “placed in service” (installed), beginning January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2013. Any energy-efficient steel roofing installed prior to January 1, 2012 is not eligible for this Federal Tax Credit.
  • The Federal Tax incentive is a Credit, not a deduction, meaning it reduces the amount of tax for which you are liable.

Benefits of Purchasing an Energy Efficient Steel Roof

  • AEP Span's Cool Dura Tech® paint systems decreases energy consumption during the summer by reflecting infra red sunlight, reducing the demand for air conditioning during the hot summer months.
  • In addition to the tax credit mentioned above, Photovoltaic Systems are also eligible for tax credits. These systems are often times installed over standing seam profiles, such as AEP Span's Span-lok hp and Design Span hp.

Qualifying colors and applications

  • Low slope applications of metal roofing product purchased with Dura Tech 5000 paint system in Regal White.
  • Steep slope certificate applications of metal roofing product purchased with Dura Tech mx paint system in Metallic Champagne, Metallic Copper, Metallic Silver or Zactique II, or Dura Tech 5000 in Colonia Red, Cool Red, Dark Bronze, Forest Green, Hemlock green, Jade Green, Leaf Green, Marine Green, Matte Black, Old Town Gray, Old Zinc Gray, Parchment, Regal Blue, Regal White, Sierra Tan, Tahoe Blue, Terra Cotta or Weathered Copper.

How to Become Eligible for the Available Tax Credit

  1. Once installed, fill out IRS tax form 5695 (Residential Energy Credits) to apply for the available credit.

    * Disclaimer: AEP Span is not a financial advisor, nor do we give financial advice. Please consult your financial representative and the IRS website for further details.
  2. Download and print a copy of the paint Manufacturer’s Certification on as your record of accordance with the tax credit requirements.
  3. Click on the following link for additional information you may need to make use of the federal income tax incentives for energy efficient products and technologies.