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Seamless Clean Attachment and Unique Shadow Lines

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A concealed fastener metal wall panel designed to provide a seamless clean attachment and unique shadow lines. Ideal for vertical and horizontal wall, fascia, and equipment screen applications.

Now available with a high performance clip, offering unlimited thermal movement while reducing chances of oil canning.

  • 12″ coverage wall panel.
  • Wall Installation: Horizontal or Vertical.
  • Gauges: 22ga and 24ga in standard finishes and 20ga, 22ga, and 24ga in ZINCALUME® Plus.
  • Refer to AEP Span Color Charts for full range of color options and paint systems.
  • Custom manufactured panel lengths: 5′-0″ to 20′-0″.
  • Flush Mount and 1/2″ Standoff high performance clips available.
  • Available in two panel attachment configurations – a directly attached fastening flange or clip interlocking hem.
  • ASTM E1592 (wind uplift), ASTM E283* (air infiltration) and ASTM E331* (water infiltration) tested. All testing performed by accredited third-party. * Requires field applied sealant.
  • Wall assemblies rated for fire resistance (UL263) when installed in accordance with UL listings.
  • Oil Canning: All flat metal surfaces can display waviness commonly referred to as “oil canning”. “Oil canning” is an inherent characteristic of steel products, not a defect, and therefore is not a cause for panel rejection. Oil Canning Technical Bulletin (pdf)
  • Manufactured in Fontana, CA and Anchorage, AK.

  1. TW-12 Horizontal Installation

    1. TW-12 Horizontal Installation – all AutoCAD and PDF details (zip)
    2. Panel Details (dwg) (pdf)
    3. Clips (dwg) (pdf)
    4. Panel Closures (dwg) (pdf)
    5. Closure Information (dwg) (pdf)
    6. Base (dwg) (pdf)
    7. Sill (dwg) (pdf)
    8. End Wall (dwg) (pdf)
    9. Outside Corner (dwg) (pdf)
    10. Inside Corner (dwg) (pdf)
    11. Soffit (Front) (dwg) (pdf)
    12. Soffit (Back) (dwg) (pdf)
    13. End Splice (w/Trim) (dwg) (pdf)
    14. Parapet (dwg) (pdf)
    15. Door/Window (Head) (dwg) (pdf)
    16. Door/Window (Jamb) (dwg) (pdf)
    17. Door/Window (Sill) (dwg) (pdf)
    18. Wall Penetration (3D) (dwg) (pdf)
    19. Wall Penetration (dwg) (pdf)
    20. Wall Insulation (dwg) (pdf)

  2. TW-12 Vertical Installation