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AEP Span offers three high-performance paint systems in a wide range of colors. Architectural Standard colors in our Dura Tech™ 5000 (PVDF) paint system, metallic color options in our premium Dura Tech™ mx (PVDF) paint system and our Commercial and Industrial Dura Tech™ nt (SMP) paint system.

AEP Span’s selection of cool colors aid in meeting the sustainability targets developed through LEED, Energy Star, CA Title 24, and the solar performance data of our standard coatings. These cool colors have also been tested and maintained through the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).

AEP Span Color and Panel Matrix (pdf) (rtf)

Performance Data (SRI and LRV Values)  (pdf) (rtf)

Architectural Colors

Architectural Color Chart


Commercial Colors


Specialty Colors

Metal Color Design Guide

Architectural Products Color Chart and Warranties

  • Architectural Products Color Chart (pdf) (rtf)
  • Dura Tech™ 5000/Dura Tech® mx Warranty (PVDF) (pdf) (rtf)
  • Aluminum Dura Tech® 5000/Dura Tech mx Warranty (pdf) (rtf)
  • ZINCALUME® Plus Warranty (pdf) (rtf)

Commercial & Industrial Products Color Chart and Warranties

Specialty Prints, Textures & Finishes

ZINCALUME® Plus Warranty and Information

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