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Metal Roofing and Siding Case Studies

This collaboratively developed school instills pride among teachers and students with its commanding yet memorable design. The design focuses on dynamic circulation, which creates student gathering spaces and provides students with a variety of pathways, both physically and academically.

The façade features our HR-36® exposed fastener metal siding panel in our premium, Vintage® finish. HR-36 can be used horizontally, or vertically as shown on this project. The classic aged appearance of Vintage’s muted metallic hue integrates attractively with the the rich brick elements. The Vintage finish further helps this design endure the test of time with its standard anti-graffiti finish.

Architect: BBT Architects
Installer: Skyline Sheet Metal

A Washington State homeowner selected Design Span® hp metal roofing system in 24ga Urban Slate to uplift the style of their home. The Urban Slate color is a semi-translucent finish which provides a deeper color that changes dynamically with daylight. Built in 1993, this home featured an original teal roof with outdated, inferior paint technology.

This replacement not only provided the opportunity to address the aesthetic issues of the previous roof system, but to also update the style of the home for the 21st century. The stunning finish in conjunction with the clean, crisp lines of the standing seam Design Span hp panel, adds curb appeal and improves the integration of the home with its lush environment.

Installer: Cogent Construction, Shelton WA

The remodeled and expanded Purce Hall at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA features an interesting mixed-use siding design. Designed to align with Evergreen’s commitment to environmental sustainability, much of the original building materials were preserved and incorporated into the remodel. The renovation strikes a balance of old and new with its use of original materials and modern Flex Series metal siding panels.

AEP Span’s Flex Series panels are available in five different options, making it easy to mix and match the panels to achieve a custom looking design. Taking inspiration from the Pacific Northwest surroundings, the color, Dark Bronze was chosen. The Dark Bronze color is a cool, energy-efficient color, making it an ideal fit for Evergreen by meshing well with the environmentally conscious design.

Architect: ZGF Architects
Contractor: Absher Construction Company
Civil and Structural Engineer: KPFF Consulting Engineers

Nestled in the picturesque mountainside close to Aspen, Colorado, sits this stunning, modern single-family home. Appropriately called ‘Black Magic’, the home features an open floor plan and large windows of varying sizes to maximize the breathtaking views of this unique location.

Seeking to make a bold statement from its heavily wooded lot and earthy surroundings, the home features the extensive use of AEP Span’s metal cladding in Matte Black. Nu-Wave Corrugated® metal siding panels add texture and visual appeal to the large squared surfaces, while also providing strength and resistance against the harsh Colorado winters. The use of Matte Black Flush Panels were used for accent pieces, adding additional visual distinction to the structure.

Contractor: Rowland+Broughton Design Build

Skokomish Community Center

Designed to provide a safe and welcoming environment to the Twana community, this distinctive net-zero structure incorporates a gathering space, commercial kitchen, education space and a gymnasium. AEP Span’s Span-Lok hp metal roof panel in Colonial Red contrasts with the wood siding to provide a captivating, staunch structure that integrates with its surrounding wooded environment. The lean-to style roof incorporates the extensive use of solar panels while also allowing the crisp, clean lines of the standing roof to be on prominent display.

Architect: 7 Directions
Customer: Miller Sheet Metal

Broadcast Apartments

The Broadcast Apartment complex stands out from its surroundings through the extensive use of AEP Span’s Prestige Series® metal wall panel in the Vintage® finish. Featuring 70 residential units and 4 live-work units, the complex features a variety of different wall panel forms to add texture and character to the flat surfaces of the structure. The timeless warmth of Vintage® provides a distinctive, evolving appearance that engages with natural light in a compelling way. Finished in 2017, the structure features a collection of different spaces incorporating apartments, retail space, rooftop entertainment options, and underground parking.

Architect: Johnson Oaklief Architecture and Planning
Customer: L A Olsen Construction

Firestation 63

The expansive Central Pierce Fire and Rescue Station is designed to house one fire engine and one paramedic unit including crew living and support areas. Metal panels were selected and designed based on sustainability, durability and integration into a broader mill concept. AEP Span’s Nu-Wave Corruaged metal wall panel in Burnt Rust was selected to add a warm, contrasting hue to other metal wall products while also integrating with wood accents.

Architect: RiceFregusMiller and TCA Architecture Planning
Customer: Interstate Sheet Metal

Oceanside High School Performing Arts Center

This 29,000 square foot preforming arts hub was designed to set the bar for modern student resources. This expansive facility includes a 500-seat performance theatre, a 100-seat black box theatre, classrooms and more.

Winner of the 2018 42nd Annual Orchids & Onions Architectural Award, AEP Span’s Select Seam 16” Narrow Batten metal wall panel in Natural Antique Copper was chosen to provide a distinctive gleaming beacon for the school.

Architect: Harley Ellis Devereaux
Customer: Burner Sheet Metal

Washington High School STEM

This STEM academy delivers an inspiring environment for hands on learning in science and technology. Consisting of the renovation of two existing buildings and the addition of a new structure, the facility provides the benchmark for the school district’s labs and classrooms.

AEP Span’s Box Rib® metal wall panel was used in the Vintage® finish to create texture and complementary shadow lines on this modern structure. Vintage’s classic metallic hue interacts dynamically with natural light and blends exceptionally well with the mixed use of wood and masonry siding products.

Architect: Erickson McGovern
Customer: Architectural Sheet Metal

This 2,000 square foot modern residential home is designed to optimize living space for a family of four within the modest confines of inner suburban Calgary. Deploying a structural beam and post framed design, this home creates the feeling of space through an open-plan layout and high vaulted ceilings. Large windows on both floors accentuate the open, spacious feeling.
The extensive use of AEP Span’s standing seam metal cladding in Slate Gray adds texture and distinct shadow lines while contributing to the modern aesthetic. This versatile color enables the unique integration between roof and siding surfaces. The muted hue also complements and accentuates the use of natural stained wood leading to a cohesive, memorable design.

Architect: Ryan Schmidt Architecture
Builder: Ironwood Building Corporation

Opened in October 2019, 7 years after it was originally envisioned, this shelter is designed to provide a warm atmosphere for 65 dogs, 55 cats, and other small animals. As the facility is heavily trafficked and requires frequent cleaning, metal was an obvious choice to reduce Operations & Maintenance budget impacts.
AEP Span’s Nu-Wave® Corrugated was chosen for the siding, Design Span® hp for roofing, and Prestige Series® for the soffits to add visual interest, durability and for cost-effectiveness from both an environmental and capital cost perspective. This bright, modern color scheme blends well with the mixed-use of wood and brick to create a dramatic, contemporary design.

Architect: Eric Whole and Carolyn Natividad, LDA Partners
General Contractor: Robert E Boyer, Inc.

Situated in the sparse desert highlands at the base of the Eastern Sierra, sits this charismatic middle school. For this project, metal siding was selected to add depth and unique appeal to this expansive campus. AEP Span metal siding panels were the preferred product of choice for this facade due to their color versatility, long term durability and low maintenance qualities.

This project features AEP Span’s Select Seam® panels in a Sedona Rust print and Vintage® coating, providing rich accent pieces that integrate effectively with the desert hues of the Reno area and the earth tones of the masonry siding. Much like the desert landscape, these colors provide evolving color as the light changes throughout the day. Applied to standing-seam siding of varying widths, the panel ribs provide varied texture to the facade and capitalize on dynamic shadows to further accentuate the siding color.

Architect: Van Woert Bigotti Architects
Contractor: Core Construction
Installer: Alpine Roofing Co.
Photo Credit: Vance Fox

The new Bonney Lake High School Performing Arts Center is a beautiful display of AEP Span’s HR-36® Metal Wall Panels in Parchment & Zinc Gray. These exposed fastened metal panels with a 36″ net coverage are predominantly used in commercial, hotel, industrial, retail, and mixed-use applications as well as heavy-duty metal fencing or gates.

This 15,523 sq. ft. structure project for the Sumner-Bonney Lake School district sits adjacent to the main high school, acting as a stunning centerpiece for the campus. It is referred to as “A magic place where talents are showcased and dreams are born”, and the use of our Long-lasting, durable, and sustainable, HR-36 will ensure it remains looking majestic for years to come!

Architect: Erickson McGovern Architects
Installer: Architectural Sheet Metal
Photo Credit: Doug Walker Photography

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