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Documents & Specifications

  • ER-0309 (pdf) (Design Span hp, Klip Rib, Prestige Series, Select Seam, Span-Lok hp and Span Seam)
  • ER-0550 (pdf) (See page 4 for list of products covered by this report)
  • Design Span®hp Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • Select Seam® Narrow Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • Span-Lok™ hp Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • SpanSeam™ Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • Flex Series Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • Flush Panel Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • Perception Collection® Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • Prestige Series® Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • TW-12 Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • Box Rib™ Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • Reversed Box Rib™ (pdf) (doc)
  • HR-36® Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • Reversed HR-36® Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • Mini-V-Beam Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • Nu-Wave® Corrugated Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • Super-Span® Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)
  • U-Panel Metal Roof Guide Specifications (pdf) (doc)

Note: individual details can be found on the product pages under the installation details tab.