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Supplemental Installation Details

Recommended Sealants and Accessories

Miscellaneous Details & Sealants

Before beginning your project, make sure you are set with all of AEP Span’s recommended sealants and accessories you will need to complete your project.

AutoCAD/PDF Details

  • All details (pdf)
  • All AutoCAD details (zip)
  • Roof Curb – Plan View (dwg) (pdf)
  • Roof Curb – Rake (dwg) (pdf)
  • Roof Curb – Section (dwg) (pdf)
  • Roof Jack (dwg) (pdf)
  • Expansion Joint (dwg) (pdf)
  • Vented Ridge dwg) (pdf)
  • Pitch Break (dwg) (pdf)
  • Standard Trims 01 (dwg) (pdf)
  • Standard Trims 02 (dwg) (pdf)
  • Standard Trims 03 (dwg) (pdf)
  • Common Fasteners (dwg) (pdf)