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Skokomish Tribe Community Center

Your Partner for Sustainable Building Solutions

Mindful Materials

USGBCAEP Span is passionate and committed to contributing to sustainable and green built environments where people work, play, learn, and live.  Putting commitment to action, AEP Span has completed a cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment of its supply chain and a third-party verified material health assessment of its products with in a ZINCALUME® Plus coating which offers the aesthetic design of natural steel while delivering outstanding corrosion protection and energy efficiency attributes.

AEP Span has completed a comprehensive assessment of how its products can contribute to U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED v4 and 4.1. certification.

Below is a high-level overview of the categories in which AEP Span products can contribute points, depending on the design and project type.  Submittal documents are available for each category and credit.

For more information, contact an AEP Span Sales Representative or Marie Ortega, LEED Green Associate at or 916.376.2850.

Category Primary Contribution LEED v4 LEED v4.1
Sustainable Sites  SSc5: Heat Island Reduction 1-2 1-2
  Energy and Atmosphere  EAc2: Optimize Energy Performance
Option 2 Prescriptive Compliance: ASHRAE Advance Energy Design Guide 1-6 1-6
 MRc2: Building Life-Cycle Impact Reduction
Option 4 Whole-Building Life-Cycle Assessment  1-3 1-3
 MRc2: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization          
Option 1 EPD: Product Specific Type III EPD with 3rd-Party Verified
EPD for projects using our standard products  PDF | RTF 1 pt 1 pt – 1.5 products
EPD for projects requiring domestically sourced or higher recycled content (Must request at time of quote)  PDF | RTF 1 pt 1 pt – 1.5 products
Option 2 Multi-Attribute Optimization Unattainable Work in Progress
 MRc3: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization  
Option 1 Sourcing of Raw Materials
Moved to Pilot Credit Library Pilot Credit Library
Option 2 Leadership Extraction Practices (Recycled Content) 1 pt 1 pt
 MRc4: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization 
Option 1 Material Ingredients Reporting – HPD 3rd-Party Verified for ZINCALUME® Plus coated products PDF | RTF 1 pt 1 pt or 1.5 products
Option 2 Material Ingredients Optimization Work in Progress Work in Progress
 MRc: PBT Source Reduction (Healthcare)
2 2
 MRc5: Construction and Demolition Waste  Management
Option 1 Diversion 1-2 1-2
Option 2 Reduction of Total Waste Material 2 2
 EQc2: Low-Emitting Materials (Healthcare/Education)  PDF RTF
Option 1 Product Category Calculation 1-3 1-3
Option 2 Budget Calculation Method


*Must enable macros in Excel for the calculator to function.

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