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24ga sheet metal roof

Vintage® Heritage

VINTAGE HERITAGE is available in 22 and 24ga
AEP Span metal roof and wall panels.

Shown above on Perception Collection® above

Developed by STEELSCAPE


Vintage Heritage offers two captivating colors ideal for metal roof and wall applications. As light reflects onto the painted metal surface, the effect captures multiple natural hues. These classic vintage colors provide a time-worn appearance with the durability and longevity of modern metal attributes.

Vintage Heritage is available in 22 and 24ga AEP Span metal roof and wall panels

Vintage Heritage Swatches


Vintage Heritage Swatches



  • Choose from a proprietary fluorocarbon coating over a ZINCALUME® or TruZinc® substrate.
  • Up to 20-year limited warranty.
  • Offered in 22ga and 24ga metal roof and wall panels.
  • Available as a special order with minimum order requirements and an extended lead time.
  • For use in exterior and interior applications.
  • Corrosion and graffiti-resistant.

Representation of colors may vary due to monitor settings.
Note: Batch-to-Batch and Directional variations can occur. We do not recommend mixing batches.


Product Sheets and Warranties

  • Vintage Heritage Product Sheet PDF | RTF
  • Vintage Heritage with ZINCALUME Substrate Limited Warranty PDF | RTF
  • Vintage Heritage Paint Only Warranty PDF | RTF