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Klip-Rib            ®


        Klip-Rib is a performance-rated structural and architectural
        standing seam panel system that snaps positively over
        concealed anchor clips for quick installation and exceptional          8"               8"
        strength. Klip-Rib is a preferred panel for commercial,                                            1 ⁄8"
        educational and institutional roofs in all climates.
                                                                                   16" Coverage
        n  16" coverage roof panel.
        n  Minimum recommended slope 1:12.
        n  Gauges: 22ga, 24ga and 26ga in standard finishes.
           (Refer to AEP Span Color Charts for full range of color
           options, prints, textures, finishes and paint systems).
        n  Custom manufactured sheet lengths: 5'-0" to up to 45'-0".
           (Lengths over 45' available for additional charge).
        n  Snap Together Seams - Unique clip and lock seam
           reduces labor by eliminating field seaming.
        n  Testing: ASTM E1680 (air infiltration), ASTM E1646
           and ASTM E1592 (water infiltration).
        n Meets UL580-Class 90 wind uplift requirements
           (Class 60 for 26ga).
        n  Panel assemblies are Class A Fire Rated per UL790
           when installed in accordance to UL listings.                            Klip-Rib
        n  Panel evaluated by accredited third party.
           All structural performance data is contained
           within an IBC/IRC 2015 code compliance report.
        n  Manufactured in Tacoma, WA.

                                    Oil Canning:  All flat metal surfaces can display waviness commonly referred to as “oil canning”.  “Oil canning” is an inherent
    4                               characteristic of steel products, not a defect, and therefore is not a cause for panel rejection.
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