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Premium roofing underlayment

Metal Roofing Underlayment HT


AEP Span Underlayment HT is a high-tensile strength, SBS¹ modified rubberized asphalt underlayment specifically designed to withstand temperatures up to 250°F (121°C). Ideal for use under steel and aluminum metal roofing where a premium underlayment is desired.* This strong, skid-resistant membrane provides superior protection from water penetration caused by wind-driven rain and ice dams.

Features and Benefits:

  • 1/4:12 minimum slope recommendation.
  • Protects the roof structure from water seepage caused by ice dams and wind-driven rain.
  • Withstands temperatures up to 250°F without degradation of the adhesive.
  • Seals around roofing nails, staples and screws.
  • Split-release film provides easier, faster installation.
  • Resists cracking, drying and rotting; providing long-term waterproofing performance and low lifecycle cost.
  • Concealed waterproofing system will not detract from the architectural aesthetics of the primary roofing system.
  • Exposed rubberized asphalt bead along the membrane edge ensures watertightness of lap seams.
  • 180-day UV exposure resistance from time of installation.
  • Non-abrasive surface will not scratch or mar backside of panels through thermal movement.

AEP Span Underlayment HT is offered for all roofing products and is now required for all Full System Limited Weathertightness Warranties issued by AEP Span.

Weatherproof underlayment

Underlayment HT Product Sheet PDF

Underlayment HT MSDS  PDF

Underlayment HT LEED Sheet  PDF

Underlayment HT Red List  PDF

Underlayment HT Recommended Sealants  PDF

Underlayment HT Sample Warranty PDF