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Accredited Value – The Importance of Accredited Third-Party Testing and Product Evaluation

in Metal Roofing & Metal Wall Tips, Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels, News and Announcements

Whether it’s building components, N95 masks, or canned beans, most products we use in our daily lives require 3rd party testing and evaluation to ensure the products we purchase and use meet industry performance and safety standards. When it comes to metal roofing, this is as true as ever.  No one wants a metal roof […]

New Product Guide!

in Metal Roofing & Metal Wall Tips, Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels, News and Announcements

Need inspiration? Download our Architectural Metal Roof and Wall Panels Product Guide! Here you get an easy to navigate menu of all the products we have to offer with stunning imagery to help you envision them. Find real world examples of how to use our wall and roofing panels in your next project! Plus, helpful […]

Metal Roof and Siding Sealants

in Metal Roofing & Metal Wall Tips, Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels, News and Announcements

AEP Span’s Technical Services Manager Jeff Haddock breaks down the different types of sealants and why they are used in metal roof and siding applications. Here are the recommended sealants: Non-skinning/Non-curing Butyl Sealants – These types of sealants are used purposely in metal roofing and siding applications because panel joints and laps create a very […]

“What’s New in Metal!” Tacoma Plant Tour and Presentation

in Metal Roofing & Metal Wall Tips, Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels, News and Announcements

On March 5th AEP Span held a fabrication facility tour and presentation at our AEP Span Plant in Tacoma, WA. This event entitled “What’s New in Metal!” was held in collaboration with the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) Mt. Rainier Chapter.                 5 AEP Span representatives presented the details […]

Metal Facades Integrate with Desert Landscape

in Community, News and Announcements

Nestled in the arid highlands of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains lies the larger than life, Sky Ranch Middle School. This Washoe County project built by Core Construction selected metal siding to add depth and unique appeal to its expansive campus. AEP Span metal siding panels were the preferred product of choice for this facade […]

AEP Span Underlayment HT

in Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels, News and Announcements

AEP Span is excited to announce that AEP Span Underlayment HT, a premium underlayment solution for steel and aluminum metal roofing, is now part of the Full System Limited Weathertightness Warranties issued by AEP Span. AEP Span Underlayment HT is a high-tensile strength, rubberized, asphalt underlayment specifically designed to withstand temperatures up to 250°F (121°C). […]

Contemporary Metal Colors Evoke Warm Atmosphere

in Community, News and Announcements

The Elk Grove Animal Shelter opened its doors to the community on Saturday, October 12, 2019—7 years after June LaVine realized this vision. June is the founder of the non-profit, Friends of Elk Grove Animal Shelter. City officials, architects, contractors, and the community came together on this project. Eric Wohle acted as the lead architect […]

AEP Span Metal Color Design Guide

in Metal Roofing & Metal Wall Tips, New Colors, News and Announcements

Need inspiration? View online or download the AEP Span Metal Color Design Guide featuring high performance, innovative prints and coatings that compliment a range of designs. Learn: What to consider when specifying metal Specialty prints and custom colors and finishes Where to find additional resources For more information about metal, please visit our Ask AEP […]

Touch-up Paint Tips for Metal Roofs

in Metal Roofing & Metal Wall Tips, News and Announcements

There are many touch-up paint tips for metal roofs available, but the best advice we can offer is to carefully consider your options and the finished appearance you’re looking for. Scratches and very minor damage may occur during the handling and installation of painted metal roof and wall panels. In these instances, it may be […]

Aluminum 16″ Span-Lok™ hp Metal Roofing

in News and Announcements

Aluminum 16″ Span-Lok™ hp Metal Roofing is offered in pre-painted aluminum. With an unlimited selection of colors to choose from, Aluminum Span-Lok™ hp metal roofing offers the performance of a standing seam panel with outstanding corrosion protection and versatile options for stunning oceanfront designs. Aluminum metal has proven to offer outstanding corrosion resistance as the material naturally develops […]

Under One Roof – Online Architect Center Built to Save Time

in News and Announcements

AEP Span just launched its online Architect Center to save architects valuable time when researching for metal roof and wall building materials. This online center is dedicated to architects, builders, engineers, and other building professionals. We understand the value of time and locating resources quickly when designing and specifying new architectural projects. With these challenges […]