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Metal Roofing and Siding Warranties

AEP Span’s metal roofing and siding is designed to last for decades and is backed by robust warranties. Below you will find information on all of our warranties as well as online warranty request and claim request forms.

Architectural Product Color Warranties

  • Dura Tech™ 5000/mx Warranty (pdf) (rtf)
  • Aluminum Dura Tech® 5000/mx Warranty (pdf) (rtf)

Commercial & Industrial Product Color Warranties

Specialty Coatings, Colors, Prints, & Textures Warranties

  • Graffiti-Resistant Coating System (pdf) (rtf)
  • Eternal Collection® Warranty (pdf) (rtf)
  • Vintage® Warranty (pdf) (rtf)
  • Vintage® Heritage with ZINCALUME® Substrate Warranty (pdf) (rtf)
  • Vintage® Heritage Paint Only Warranty (pdf) (rtf)
  • Dura Tech™ Rawhide Warranty (pdf) (rtf)
  • Dura Tech™ 5000P Print Warranty (pdf) (rtf)
  • Dura Tech™ xlP Print Warranty (pdf) (rtf)

ZINCALUME® Plus Warranty and Information

Weathertightness Warranties

For a sample of our weathertightness warranty, please contact your AEP Span representative Jeffrey Medeiros.

AEP Span offers a standard Side Seam Warranty and Full System Warranty for those jobs that require weathertight roofs.  Both warranty options are available with term lengths of 2, 5, 10, 15, and 20 years.

Weathertightness warranties are only offered for roof applications in the following panels: SpanSeam, Span-Lok hp, Span-Lok/Curved Span-Lok, Design Span hp, and Select Seam Narrow Batten.

AEP Span Underlayment HT is required for all Full System Limited Weathertightness Warranties issued by AEP Span (pdf) (rtf).

Architectural Colors
Architectural Color Chart


Commercial Colors


Specialty Colors
Metal Color Design Guide