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Skokomish Tribe Community Center

Your Partner for Sustainable Building Solutions

Mindful Materials

AEP Span is committed to environmental stewardship and leading the way to healthier built living spaces for all.  Having completed a cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment of its supply chain, AEP Span’s green journey continues with a commitment to supply chain optimization, manufacturing excellence through improved process efficiencies, as well as recycling programs across all plants and administrative facilities.

Moreover, AEP Span has completed a third-party verified material health assessment of its products in a ZINCALUME® Plus coating which offers the aesthetic design of natural steel while delivering outstanding corrosion protection and energy efficiency attributes.

Your Partner for Sustainable Green Building Solutions

AEP Span is committed to helping architects design and build green with confidence.  AEP Span has completed a comprehensive assessment of how its products can contribute to green building certification programs.  Reach out to us and let us know how AEP Span can support your green design.

For more information, contact an AEP Span Sales Representative or Marie Ortega, LEED Green Associate at or 916.376.2850.